Thursday, 23 May 2013

New pale blue sapphires arrive from Sri Lanka

We have a new selection of beautiful pale blue sapphires at Ingle & Rhode at the moment - they have all come from a small-scale co-operative close to Kuruwita in Sri Lanka, which our supplier has invested in along with a local Sri Lankan cutter. By sharing the production evenly with the eight miners and the foreman, all the shareholders benefit equally, encouraging responsible ownership and discouraging theft. 

The cutting takes place in a facility in Kuruwita. The owner Rohitha is a close friend of our supplier, and his facility is state of the art (one of the most advanced on the island) and incredibly clean and safe. Rohitha employs hundreds from the local community, paying for the schooling of his employees’ children as well as subsidising canteens and accommodation. He pays well above the going rate to attract the most skilled cutters (it is one the highest paid professions on the island).

For more information about our ethically sourced gemstones and to see some of them for yourself, make an appointment at Ingle & Rhode by phoning 020 3627 6552.

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