Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Update: Wedding Jewellery Trends for 2013

Here we are a quarter of the way through the year and wedding season is right around the corner. Traditionally the busiest time for weddings, the summer months normally give more venue options and scope for a bigger variety of dress styles. But what are the jewellery trends of the moment?

Many brides choose to keep their wedding look simple and classic so they’re choices will never date, while others make daring decisions so they can look unique on their special day.

Read on for the five jewellery trends that are the most popular for this 2013 wedding season.

Many brides are embracing older, unique pieces of jewellery like brooches and hairpins to add a twist of old-school charm to their look. If you want to replicate the elegance of the vintage trend, look for cameo necklaces, strings of pearls, and family heirlooms.

Though weddings are not often associated with daring displays of fashion or edgy styles, some brides are opting to wear big statement pieces this season. After months of the focus being on the engagement ring, it’s time to draw the eye to oversized chandelier earrings or long pendant necklaces. Look for big stones and unexpected colors to incorporate this style on your day.

Colour has been making a comeback in a big way for some time. From the wedding dress itself, to shoes and other accessories, brides are taking a step back from classic white and infusing their wedding day with colour. Gone are the days when an engagement ring must be a single princess cut diamond. Now, brides are enthusiastically opting for rubies, sapphires, opals, and other stones.

Hair Accessories
Jewelled hairpieces, clips and headbands are a popular new look for those walking down the aisle, particularly those that can match a coloured ring stone. Hair accessories are an elegant way to showcase gems and add some sparkle while serving a purpose.

The Unexpected
In an attempt to stray from convention, many brides are simply going as original and off kilter as they can. Unconventional venues, black wedding dresses, and one-of-a-kind jewellery designs all contribute to the unique nature of their big day.

We’d love to hear of any plans you may have for unusual and vintage jewellery or gemstones in accessories for your big day.

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