Monday, 24 September 2012

Popularity of sapphires continues to soar

After diamonds, sapphires are the most popular stone Ingle & Rhode is asked to create engagement rings with. There is something very alluring about this gemstone, which is, by the way, September’s birthstone.

But what makes this stone more popular than the other coloured gemstones available?

It could be that for hundreds of years, the stone has been associated with romance and royalty. It is safe to say that both the engagement of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer and the subsequent gifting of that ring to Kate Middleton has gone a long way to cement its popularity. Whatever the reason, the gemstones are certainly enjoying a renaissance.

It is no doubt helped by the fact that sapphires, like diamonds, are extremely hard wearing and can be better value for money.   

What is a sapphire?

Sapphires are one of the two gem varieties of corundum, the other being rubies. Although sapphires are known for being blue, it actually occurs in many hues. It may be colourless and can occur in shades of grey and black. Fancy sapphires can come in green yellow, orange, pink and purple.

There is no doubt that the rich royal blue variety is the most popular with our clients but those looking for something unique will pursue other shades. 

Where do our sapphires originate? 

The sapphires we use in our designs of course originally came from a crystal that was formed in the earth’s crust. The crystals that Ingle & Rhode source are mined from alluvial deposits in a small artisanal mine near Kuruwita in Sri Lanka. From there they are cut and polished to produce the beautiful gemstone you see in your fine jewellery.

Here are a selection of recent sapphire rings we have been commissioned to make. Visit for more examples.

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